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Blockchain offers unique features that any developer can now use in their projects for free, either by deploying an already existing app or by developing the one of their own.

Blockchain Everywhere

Blockchain can become the basis for the functionality of any kind. In its essence, it is similar to traditional technologies but comes with a number of advantages that many projects can make use of.

For instance, the transactions on a blockchain cannot be reversed or deleted; everything is protected with cryptographic keys; there is no authority controlling the registry. Besides, all parties have equal access to data, and smart contracts execute precisely as they are set up to.

The Internet of Value

Imagine if loyalty points from your e-commerce website could be transformed into game credits of a new indie game in just one second, or if donations to a streamer could be made with the coins of their fan community. The Minter network is the Internet of value; it is the next-generation blockchain that allows anyone to issue their own coin and use it in apps or even in world-class projects. The exchange process happens instantly and at a market price.


Use the apps that already exist or develop your own.

How to create an app?

Blockchain has numerous competitive advantages over its many rival technologies. Below are just a few examples of how it can perfectly help developers solve complex tasks in a simple way:

Many applications are open-source. Check out our GitHub to mark the most interesting developments that would suit your very needs. The following products are already available:


Over the first 30 years of its existence, the Internet has taught us to exchange information. Now the time has come for new opportunities to arrive—e.g., creating value and distributing it in a limitless, decentralized, and cross-border manner.

Any individual, community, or organization can now create their own coin, determine its value and terms of use, and start using it right away. Among the most vivid examples of such coins are loyalty points, game credits, and even a cryptocurrency.


The Minter network is one of the most promising blockchains of our time. But what exactly is it? Putting it into plain English for developers:

  • Distributed database;
  • Trusted vault. Once the data is written on a blockchain, it cannot be erasedor compromised;
  • Ledger database. State-of-truth can be reached by applying all past transactions;
  • A set of built-in smart contracts;
  • Full access to all data available, including the full list of all transactions (free, no limitations);
  • Creation of transactions (an update of a database, charges apply);
  • Account identification, based on ECDSA;
  • Distributed peer-to-peer network => protection from DDoS;
  • Ability to send transactions either from one’s own node or from a node that belongs to a third party;
  • Protection from sending the same transaction multiple times;
  • Protection from double-spending.

The primary features of Minter that set it apart from others are detailed documentation about its functionality, an active dev community, and ready-to-use, open-source applications.

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